"Hockey is a gentleman's game."

Hockey is my life. CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS are my home team! ADORE the Boston Bruins! World Juniors= Best time of year Slowly becoming infatuated with the Flyers and Scott Hartnell's hair. I'm in love with the Gallys. Brad Marchand. Jeff Skinner. Gabriel Landeskog. Tim Thomas. Jonathan Toews! Patrick Sharp. Corey Crawford. ANDREW SHAW!! Tyler Seguin. ILYA BRYZGALOV!!!!!!! Bobby Orr. And ALL things Harry Potter. Hockey. Hockey. Hockey. Hockey. (And Cabin Pressure)

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eddie lack + emojis

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i couldn’t resist…

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8/19/14: “Which of your teammates was born in Wisconsin?” [X]

GIF’d primarily for

1) Prust being the only one thus far to answer this correctly

2) His smug, smug face on doing so

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~a dance of the dudebros~


~a dance of the dudebros~

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 but I think at the same time, it’s pretty awesome.

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“Awareness. People united in something positive. And of course, yeah money is money, but what was raised can go a long way.”

—   Tyler Seguin answering “What kind of difference do you feel like it’s made, aside from the money [the Ice Bucket Challenge] has raised?” as part of an article on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge  (x)

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